that was then this is now

there is only

…is the new band name for the project on this blog. The old band name is over. It’s story is complete.

My friend KP said that my old band name – Playing in Tongues – didn’t fit what the music I’m making is about. My instinct was to ignore him, but I trust his opinion and he the kind of friend who is loyal enough to say something I need to hear even if I don’t like to hear it, and after a while I realized he was right.

I thought of band names I like:

“God Speed You Black Emperor”

“the desert is warm at night”

I re-read every post on this blog to find blocks of text I like. I realized that “Playing in Tongues” is not a bad name on a functional level – memorable, not too obvious, not Cringe, it’s unique enough to search up on the internet – but it is not a good poem.

I had a moment of realization. I realized that band names are a little nub of word-art. A genre. A literary medium for miniaturists. Stories that are too short to notice. Smaller than a haiku. Probably 1-3 words, maybe four, at most five.

I didn’t know what I wanted the new name to be but I knew I needed it to be a decent poem, so I did a thing that I haven’t done since high school: started carrying around a little notebook to scribble into. One page, one line, one band name, one micropoem.

After a week the book was full. I read through it. A couple were terrible. About half were not usable but not painful. Several were good but the mood didn’t match the music. One was just right.

there is only

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