Junto 0635 round the bend

Disquiet 0635 ‘Round the Bend is about train sounds.

That sound took me to the memory of going to a punk rock squat after school in 8th grade. There were Cheech-and-Chong-sized piles of locally grown skunk weed in the basement. I bought some (cheap!), smoked it (ew!), and took the L2 bus home. High, the sounds of driving were enveloping. Sub-bass throb from the engine. Volume swell as the bus pulled out of a stop. Squealing of brakes. Chatter.

I had dirty subways in the 1970s in mind at first, but as I went deeper images of railroads in the old west came up. Adding resonator guitar drew that out, and I doubled down on the Fistful of Dollars vibe with whistling in the far distance.


  1. train field recording by Todd (@Toaster) Elliott (Disquiet – Train-source-1)
  2. six tracks of autogen drumming in Logic
  3. bottleneck + resonator guitar + Hologram Microcosm
  4. lonesome whistling

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