What is my music FOR? How can I make a contribution? One answer is balm. Solace. Painkiller. Healing.

Dreams heal too. You have a bad experience, or you’re afraid of something, and your dream reflects it in a way that lets you process. Music is not just metaphorically similar to dreaming, it works the same way in your life.

A ChatGPT session:

Here are some band name ideas related to anesthetic:

  1. Sedation Station
  2. Numb Rhythms
  3. Ether Echoes
  4. Twilight Tunes
  5. Morphine Melodies
  6. Anesthetic Ambience
  7. Dreamland Dose
  8. Novocaine Notes
  9. Faint Frequencies
  10. Insensate Serenade
  11. Opiate Orchestra
  12. Hypno Harmony
  13. Chloroform Chords
  14. Lidocaine Lullaby
  15. Benzodream Beats

These names play on the idea of anesthesia, sedation, and the dreamlike state it induces.


Prompt: What is the saddest music by Scott Joplin?

Scott Joplin, known as the “King of Ragtime,” is renowned for his lively and infectious compositions rather than for creating sad music. However, one piece that might be considered among his more melancholic works is “Solace: A Mexican Serenade.” While it retains some of the syncopated rhythms characteristic of Joplin’s ragtime style, it has a slower tempo and a more introspective mood compared to his other compositions. Though not overtly sad, it carries a certain wistfulness that some listeners interpret as melancholic.

ChatGPT prompt number two: “bands with names related to anesthesia”

While there may not be bands directly named after anesthesia, some bands have names that evoke a sense of numbness, altered states, or dreamlike qualities, which could be indirectly related. Here are a few examples:

  1. Sleep – While not directly related to anesthesia, the name evokes a sense of altered consciousness and relaxation.
  2. Dead Meadow – The name suggests a dreamlike or altered state, akin to being under anesthesia.
  3. Morphine – This band’s name directly references a powerful pain-relieving drug, which is sometimes used in anesthesia.
  4. The Flaming Lips – While not directly related to anesthesia, the name conjures up surreal and dreamy imagery.
  5. The Velvet Underground – Again, not directly related, but the name suggests a state of altered consciousness or dreaminess.

These bands may not have names explicitly related to anesthesia, but their names evoke feelings or concepts that could be tangentially related.


No, I’m wrong about “Solace” being about the death of Scott Joplin’s wife.

Bethena: A Concert Waltz was the first piece Joplin wrote after his wife, Freddie, tragically died of pneumonia in September 1904, 10 weeks after their wedding.

Still not that sad. Not that real. It feels forced. He was trying to find redemption already, too soon.

This blog is about my own music, and in a way this post is inward looking, but it is written to connect emotionally, to serve a purpose, to entertain, to give people who stop by a satisfying moment. Despite the vanity of making music, I wrenched my gaze away from the mirror and tried to be of use.

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