Arrival in Heaven II

In the before days, I had a title without a song. Now there’s music but it’s in an early stage. Around 1:08 or 1:56 it needs a big new idea to take center stage and rattle on until about 2:52.

Do you want to do your own thing with it?

  • Something creepy with S or SH sounds?
  • Something improbably sparkly, like My Little Pony in Mordor?
  • Clip the dull bits out and loop the good tasting ones?

BPM 60, if you care about that kind of thing, and if a click track helps here’s an MP3 to play along to:

What you’d do with that is record your own track – with the exact same length – and send me a stem to mix in.

If what you’d need is full-resolution audio to sample, just ask.

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