Distressed real estate, often referred to as “opportunistic” real estate,is property that is sold at a discount due to one of five specific conditions: deteriorating physical condition, incorrect pricing, mismanagement, a short-term environmental problem or excessive debt causing the property to become vulnerable to foreclosure.

The Ramones wore distressed pants back in the 70s.
Nowadays the Gap sells pre-distressed pants.
Naturally distressed wood
An unnaturally distressed guitar





I’m thinking about the methodology of music-making on this blog. The way of sending acoustic melodic playing through the blender. Does it add authenticity or take it away? What are my motivations? To be more authentic than I really am?

Emotionally it adds distance. The mix is reticent. I’m holding back. Moving further away from the camera. Not too friendly, not too eager, but still hoping for attention.

Sonically it adds complexity. It makes more out of the limited supply of sounds in the source recordings.

“Distress” Image Search

I distress my sounds a lot. I do it when I don’t trust them.

Paint in distress
Damsel in distress

I would like to rescue a sound in distress.

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