Missing a Missing Girl

We were both 29 when the brain cancer she had beaten at 18 came back. Surviving her teen years was hard won. It left marks. She was reserved.

She didn’t love me as I loved her. It was understood. I didn’t expect her to. She didn’t understand why I was like that. After we broke up she found a boyfriend she was more into, but he wasn’t that much into her. We lost touch for a year or two. I heard from a friend that she was sick. Then I got an invitation to her wake.



MP3: https://playingintongues.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Missing.mp3

The samples on this came from contributors to Freesound. They are the same as for Comrade Pas Belle-Mere. See https://playingintongues.com/colophon/#comrade. I did a bad job of linking back to each source page. Instead, I just took a screen shot. Eventually I intend to fix that.

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